Byte sized sessions 3: Teacher Time Management Tips with Education Perfect

6 months agoSeptember 6, 2019
Thank you! Great tips! An excellent and quick way to provide lots of helpful feedback to students. Would be awesome if that integrated with the SEQTA LMS so I didn't need to copy and paste across to our school's marks book.
6 months agoSeptember 6, 2019
Thank you for sending the recording of the session which I have missed out!  It is very helpful.  Good work!
6 months agoSeptember 9, 2019
Thanks Phillipa this was really informative. I am sorry I missed the LIVE presentation, but will definitely try and catch up with the video lessons, now and in the future.
Rhiannon Richards
4 months agoOctober 19, 2019
Every time I watch a webinar or work my way through an EP task I learn something new. On this occasion I found the idea of real-time feedback most useful, equally the idea of setting learning/ note-taking from the EP content sections as homework, to allow for a flipped classroom. I'm sure students will find the ability to review their learning history in the student zone beneficial too. Allowing teachers to download various files such as Excel spreadsheets, student assessment, sound files and PDFs of student work is also very helpful and a thoughtful feature.
I would like to echo John's comment from above regarding the possible integration of marks into an LMS, as we also use SEQTA. 
Thank you again EP for this excellent series of short teacher PL sessions.
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